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Metal Istanbul Stainless Recycling Facilities was established in 1995 to meet the needs of industrial companies in the sector on scrap trade.


In 1997, by supplying packing and baling presses in desired sizes for the stock scraps coming to the weaving mills in the industry, the volume was reduced and high density scrap service was started to the weaving mills both in Turkey and abroad.


7500 tons of metal recycling facilities in Istanbul As Metal Istanbul Stainless, we have the facility with the highest customer satisfaction in its industry.

40% of the scraps recycled in Metal Istanbul Stainless Plants are exported, 60% being the domestic market.


In order to provide our customers with high quality and safe scrap sales, we provide our facility with scrap analysis machine, radiation measuring device and laser cutting tools, supporting our performance above quality standards with developing technological innovations and maintaining our recycling facility.


We carry out fast and regular purchases by positioning our scrap purchases to the companies that produce our portable crates reaching up to 40 by bringing customer-oriented innovations.


Apart from stainless scrap metal, we are also trading copper, aluminum and iron scraps and expanding the service we offer in stainless scrap.


At the same time, we offer the best quality of the sheet, profile, pipe or coil you want to procure your stainless products by starting a detailed study, and thus we offer our customers the most comprehensive service by providing both the material supply and the recycling of the scrap.


Metal Istanbul Stainless Recycling Plants develops its vision in order to bring out the best of its work, and in this sense, it is the star of the non-corrosive sector.


Mission: To market Stainless Steel scrap of Turkey and neighboring countries to the world

Vision: To market Turkey's most prestigious stainless steel recycling company to global foundries by providing price competition and product quality with scrap dealers around the world.


Customer Relations: To maximize their satisfaction by meeting customer expectations and giving them the necessary incentives to work with us.

Business Ethics: To be honest and transparent in our commercial and social relations.

Environment and Society Awareness: To meet all legal requirements on environmental waste and recycling, to control, reduce and prevent the elements that may cause environmental pollution and threaten substances or living things.

Resource Management: To ensure a sustainable growth by optimizing all kinds of material use in all processes and to prioritize efficiency and to feed the company with investments.

Team Work: Ensuring the participation of family members at every stage of our activities, sharing information and adapting employees in the most efficient way by making a joint decision.





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