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We are making offers for the purchase of stainless steel 304, 430 and 316 grade scrap. In addition to stainless scrap, we offer prices for all kinds of iron, aluminum and copper scraps and offer our service. We are purchasing scrap in two rounds;

»Scrap dealers or intermediaries can carry their scraps to our locations with their own means and sell them.
»Within the scope of our agreement with the factory, we can drop containers outside of Istanbul and the province or receive their scraps regularly with our own vehicle fleet by crane trucks.



    Scrap is an indispensable secondary raw material in the production of stainless steel. Metal Istanbul Stainless is a local supplier that has been referring to its quality for thirty years in stainless steel recycling in Turkey.

Stainless Steel Scraps
»304, 430,316, (50x50cm baling presses) quality stainless steel scraps suitable for export
»304 and 430 (25x25cm baling presses) special quality stainless steel scraps suitable for foundries
»304 and 316 chip scraps

Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Sheet, Coil and Neck


By starting a detailed study of the sheet, profile, pipe or coil purchases you want to procure for stainless products, we offer the product you want in the best quality, and thus we provide the most comprehensive service to our customers by both handling the material supply and providing the recycling of the scrap.


We show ourselves in this sector by sharing the product quality and making transparent pricing with affordable prices and payment methods to suit everyone's budget.



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