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Our HR Policy


To raise our place full of quality, success and firsts we have reached today in the sectors we operate in, together with our Özkurt Family Employees, and to convey the success of showing human-oriented management at the top layer of our values ​​to our employees, customers and stakeholders.

Our aim in the way we will follow in this process; It is to create the synergy within our corporate group with teamwork, team spirit and an employee profile that uses resources efficiently, by blending both the desire and productivity of our new employees to our family, and the motivation and experience of our employees who have contributed to our achievements.

Subjecting our employees to effective performance evaluation systems in order to achieve high performance, ensuring that they receive the necessary trainings, supporting the situations where they achieve outstanding success within the framework of our values ​​and competencies, and exhibit exemplary attitudes and behaviors that contribute to the organization, with an effective reward system, draw their development and career maps together. It is essential to help them develop in terms of competencies.

It is among our most important goals to ensure that our employees see the Human Resources Department as a companion in all processes and to become a Strategic Business Partner that our Management and Managers will consult.

Principles of Our Human Resources Policy;
»To ensure that our Open Door Policy is maintained in all our companies,
»Including our employees in our processes with a transparent, equal and participatory management approach,
»Based on a customer-oriented approach in our work, by producing development-oriented projects, ensuring that each of our employees is an employee that creates added value,
»To design, implement and evaluate all training programs from the lowest to the highest position by placing training at the center of development,
»To follow innovations and adapt them to the company, aiming to feed the innovation process with Human Resources practices,
»To focus primarily on our employees, who are our internal values ​​for Open Positions,
»Keeping the right person for the right job, the right person for the right person, at all levels,
»To continuously improve its organizational structure that can adapt quickly to changes and development,
»To design, establish, develop and operate the subsystems of a continuously learning institution structure,
»Planning human resources for effective and efficient execution of works, and bringing qualified workforce to the Techno Family,
»Bringing problem solving skills to the highest levels with analytical approaches,
»To increase employees' knowledge, skills, and their competencies in relation to institutions and individuals,
»To further strengthen our Environmentally Friendly and Nature Friendly employee profile







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